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Black writers for the stage, page and screen tell us about themselves, their work, what inspires them and why they write.

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Series 2 Podcasts

Theresa Ikoko

The Characters Are In Charge

Screenwriter and playwright, Theresa Ikoko, joins our host for ep 10, S2. Theresa shares her journey from winning awards for her first theatre play to writing for the screen.

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Leone Ross

Leone Ross

Strangeness as Metaphor

Novelist, short story writer, editor and educator Leone Ross join our hosts for ep 9, S2. In this episode we learn that being a writer comes from the impulse to tell stories to try to make sense of things with sentences.

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Patrice Lawrence

Mind Mapping

Joining us for Ep 8, S2 is writer and journalist, Patrice Lawrence. She is the author of the award-winning children and YA books, Orangeboy, Indigo Donut and Eight Pieces of Silver.

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Courttia Newland

Cyclical Evolution

For Ep 7, S2 our hosts are joined by author, screenwriter, playwright, creative writing tutor and literary activist Courttia Newland. In this episode we learn about Courttia's drive for diversifying his writing using different genres and formats.

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Inua Ellams

Icaraus' Wings

Our guest for Episode 6, S2 of The Amplify Project is award-winning poet, playwright & performer, graphic artist & designer, Inua Ellams.

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Dreda Say Mitchell

Honouring Oracy

Crime writer Dreda Say Mitchell MBE, joins hosts Patricia Cumper and Pauline Walker for episode 5 in Series 2 of The Amplify Project.

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Ben Tagoe

The Pragmatic Optimist

BAFTA nominated writer Ben Tagoe joins our hosts Pauline Walker and Patricia Cumper for episode 4 of The Amplify Project.

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Dean Atta

Claiming His Tick Box

For the third episode of this series, our hosts are joined by YA writer Dean Atta.

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Roy Williams

Climbing The Racial Mountain

In this second episode in the series, our hosts are joined by one of the country's leading dramatists Roy Williams OBE FRSL

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Yomi Sode

The Malleable Storyteller

Introducing the first episode in this, the second series of The Amplify Project. Our podcast hosts Patricia Cumper and Pauline Walker are joined by award-winning Nigerian British writer, Yomi Sode.

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