BHM Special | Titans of Black British Publishing

It was fascinating to listen to them tell their stories about how they came to that “I’ve got to do this” moment.

Series 2 Trailer

The Amplify Project Series 2 Trailer

My Tribe | Series 2

"Okay, so I love writers - they are my tribe - but goodness me, they are spectacular."

The Amplify Project podcast hosts writers Pauline Walker and Pat Cumper. Pictured on Zoom wearing headphones and smiling, both women are wearing casual clothes.

It’s A Wrap | Series 1

We’ve reached the end of Series 1. We're thrilled that the ten writers we've featured have enjoyed being our guests.....

A person of colour sits at a desk. We can see his or her hands holding a pen in the left hand writing notes into a book which is lying on the desk in front of them.

Moving Sideways

Sometimes when we are interviewing the writers, I have the sensation of meeting myself coming back the other way.

An image featuring the book jackets of a variety of publications written by Black authors

Black Joy

As this is the first blog of the New Year it seems apt to spend some time reflecting on last year.

A composite image featuring the Black writers Diane Evans, Nick Makoha, Juliet Gilkes Romero, Alex Wheatle, Colin Grant, Hafsa Zayyan

Searching for the Canon of Black British Writing

I begin with a confession: there was a time when I thought that working in the arts was not important.

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